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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Society and how its functions operate purely through the web

In the book “Technology’s Promise” by William E. Halal predicts that society will make a total shift or conversion to the web. Halal predicts that this will occur within the next 20 years. One of his predictions includes all video media being made available online, on-demand, or through some type of portable device, i.e. the way kindle has made many books available through a portable device. He also predicts that we will be doing other things via the web such as religious and health practices. The way in which society interacts and operates will be something that is mainly done through the web and the tools that have ability to connect to others without having to be physically in the same space. Halal also points to Web 2.0 as a new foundation for social networking. Web 2.0 will allow us to present ideas, photos, videos, music, and our experiences online and engage in conversation about them. Everyone has the potential to be an author, writer, director, and commentator through this new form of social networking.

Halal can make these predictions, because he is basing them off of current technology and trends. We now have employers that employ employees that are considered remote. That work place has become virtual and that trend will only continue. Another example would be the way we meet people. People now a days use sites like to meet a potential lover. When it comes to making new friends and interacting with old ones we use sites such as twitter, facebook, and myspace. Halal’s prediction is more of a reality than we think.


  1. I completely agree with your posting. I myself used the internet to develop and maintain a relationship with my wife who was living in Germany at the time. Years ago this would not be possible with such social networking sites.

  2. Very Nice Tre!
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